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Our SLA brochure 2020-2021

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Members have easy access to a multitude of useful documents, forms, Policies and Procedures. Latest news updates are continually added. Any forthcoming training information and bookings can be found here. Links to a variety of other useful Websites are a click away. There is also a list of contractors who are working well in schools.

Our Training

Members please see Calendar to the left and our training pages for all courses. Non-members please contact us for further information and pricing.

How do we support you?

Originally set up by the Plymouth Association of Primary Headteachers, the Property and Compliance Team (P&CT) offer support and advice to schools so that they can demonstrate how they are meeting their legislative compliance. This involves systematically working through the Site Logs, establishing and implementing systems of good practice and helping the Person in Control (PIC) understand their statutory duties. As part of the support service, signed up schools receive regular meetings with a member of the team.

Although the day to day responsibility for safely managing the school rests with the Headteacher they are likely to delegate tasks to other staff members. For this reason we will meet with the Headteacher, Business Manager, Administrator, Site Manager or Caretaker on a rotational basis.

Need some support? Contact the office Monday to Friday and we will assist you with any queries, offer any support you may require.