Our Services

Why use PLP Property & Compliance team?

Your property and employees are essential to the running of the school business enabling the education of the adults of tomorrow; legislation governing these is both complex and demanding. We will ensure that you get this right and meet the current standards required as efficiently as possible. We also help you to keep the mechanical and electrical infrastructure fully maintained with access to competent contractors to carry out both planned and reactive works.

Only with good Property and People Management and support can you expect to benefit from reduced costs, reduced risks, lower staff turnover, fewer accidents, a good community reputation as well as increased productivity from a healthy, happy and motivated staff.

  • Stay on the right side of Health Safety and Property Legislation with specialist advice
  • Benefit from the positive moral, legal and financial implications of a well maintained educational establishment
  • Improve your standing in the community with a happier, healthier and highly motivated staffing resource

How do you deal with complex risk assessments and set up policies to show how you are meeting your legal obligations?

What are your legal requirements and statutory obligations regarding your property, people, pupils and various visitors? How can you protect your school from enforcement notices and fines?

You will have access to a dedicated and experienced team of Advisors who specialise in the needs of education and adapt to the ever changing needs of your individual establishment.  By regularly visiting your school we will see what support would be most beneficial for your environment and enables you to highlight any concerns you may have. It is essential for us to be able to address any shortfalls in training that your team may have. We are here to support and guide you through the minefield of policies, documents and codes of practice and assist with statutory obligations and checks.

What are the benefits?

We are able to offer dedicated and experienced advisors that understand the problems and challenges that you face as a school. Drawing on our combined knowledge and understanding of the health, safety and facilities management requirements in education and business to help you comply with the variety of legislation that applies to workplaces.

We are able to discuss practical ways of tackling any issues as and when they arise and use direct contact with specialist bodies and enforcement agencies to ensure that you are fully up to speed with the latest property and compliance law with access to national and local best practice. Our database of competent contractors is constantly monitored using feedback from schools to ensure you receive the best possible service using local companies whenever possible.

What do you get?

  • A professional telephone helpline/email when you need it
  • Important updates on legislation changes and how they affect schools
  • Access to a comprehensive database of Policies and Documents
  • Advice and guidance on all areas of legislation
  • Interpreting Department of Education Regulations and Health & Safety Law
  • Regular site visits to discuss current requirements and assist with the completion of any paperwork
  • Policies and documents available on request e.g. via email, website etc.
  • Property and legislation news and information updates that affect schools
  • Auditing of site control log book files and documents
  • Annual review of legally required documents
  • Guidance on training requirements including access to member’s special rates, planning and organising venues when required.
  • Provision of legally required staff awareness training on fire, electrical and asbestos
  • Asbestos inspections as required – other H&S areas covered on request
  • Provision of group meetings/seminars to discuss key areas of compliance and support
  • Support and advice on building defects and rectification works
  • Support with school building maintenance
  • Attendance of committee/governors meetings when required
  • Access to equipment store and bulk purchases e.g. power washer, carpet cleaner, steam cleaner, PAT kit
  • Continued research into energy saving projects


What else is available?

  • Add-on Health, Safety and Wellbeing support including assistance with the provision of a suitable and sufficient H&S Policy, support with H&S legal requirements and best practice, accident and incident management systems, monitoring of H&S systems and assistance with accessing Occupational Health support services.  
  • Add-on pay-as-you-go services including bespoke additional training and assistance with accessing project management for small building refurbishments at below commercial rates where possible.

What does it cost?

Our services are available at competitive rates depending on PLP membership and the size of your school; for further details please contact the Team.